September 2019

| | | THUNDERSTRUCK | | | will be exhibited at Carnation Contemporary in Portland, OR for the month of September 2019!

My colored pencil series Signals, 2018 on view at Outback Arthouse in Los Angeles, CA as part of a group exhibition exchange with Carnation Contemporary.

July 2019:

| | | THUNDERSTRUCK | | | catalog gets picked up for distribution by Printed Matter Inc!

| | | THUNDERSTRUCK | | | premieres in New York City at NARS!

June-August 2019:

Mass in full color No. 3, 2019 to be featured in Summer Selections 2019 at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art.

Portland, OR—Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to present Summer Selections 2019, an exhibition of several excellent paintings and photographs. This show spotlights several recent pieces by gallery artists as well as a few vintage gems and features work by Holly Andres, Corey Arnold, Jeffrey Conley, Jessica Curtaz, Rachel Davis, Anna Fidler, Raymond Meeks, Annie Marie Musselman, Daniel Robinson, Eva Speer, Mark Steinmetz and John Whitten. This exquisite selection is not to be missed!

The entire exhibition can be viewed on their website by clicking HERE.

APRIL 2019:

Waves in black No. 1, 2019 purchased by Oregon State University's Bend Campus through Oregon Arts Commission's Percent for the Arts.

MARCH 2019:

Surface / Interrupted: Happy Hour Panel Discussion Hosted by OCAC Hoffman & Centrum Galleries and OCAC - Oregon College of Art and Craft

Please join us March 15 at 6pm in the Hoffman Gallery for a Happy Hour panel discussion on our current exhibition Surface/ Interrupted. Participating artists Morgan Buck, John Whitten and Rachel Wolf will be discussing their work and practice with Curator Sam Hopple and Painting and Drawing Dept. Head Michelle Ross.


Drawings from my Stochastic Resonance series will be exhibited at Oregon College of Art and Craft's Hoffman gallery through the month of February.

Waves in Full Color No. 1 published in INDA International Drawing Annual 12 Exhibition in Print.

INDA international drawing annual 12 exhibition-in-print available now.


Signals to be exhibited at Oregon State University's Portland Campus in celebration of the building's grand opening.


Portland based visual artist and Carnation Contemporary co-founder, Katherine Spinella, and I will be participating in a collaborative residency at Caldera.


ArtScene's online platform, Visual Art Source (VAS), wrote about Stochastic Resonance at Charles Hartman Fine Art and used my drawing Mass in Green (2017) as the image for the column.  

My recent series of abstract drawings titled Stochastic Resonance will have its Portland debut at Charles Hartman Fine Art this November!


Carnation Contemporary members Katherine SpinellaRussell Borne and Leslie Vigeant interviewed on Portland's KBOO to talk about the collective!

My drawings Signals are used as one of the promotional images!

Carnation Contemporary opens its doors with a members’ group show titled First Date.

Install shot of First Date with my new drawings Signals (star, cluster, chain, very), 2018 Colored pencil on paper depicted on the right.

First Date

Opening September 1, 2018 in Portland, Oregon at Carnation Contemporary!

AUGUST 2018:

Carnation Contemporary gallery is open and under construction.

Carnation Contemporary was founded in 2018 by a collective of Portland-based artists who champion critical and contemporary artwork. We are a cooperative gallery supporting emerging and mid-career artists from Portland and the surrounding region.

As one of the co-founders I am super excited about this project we have been working on since December 2017. 

Follow Carnation on Instagram @carnationcontemporary

JULY 2018:

| | |  Thunderstruck  | | | receives three grants.

| | | Thunderstruck | | | receives financial support from a Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant, an Oregon Arts Commission Professional Development Grant, and an Oregon State University Faculty Research Award Grant!

Walter De Maria's The Lightning Field, 1977. © Estate of Walter De Maria.


Jessi DiTillio (b. Los Angeles, CA)

Visual Artists:

Robert Beam (b. Casa Grande, AZ)

Rosana Aviña Beam (b. Los Angeles, CA)

Katherine Spinella (b. Armada, MI)

Michael Stephen (b. Denton, TX)

John Whitten (b. Princeton, IN)

This summer, five visual artist and one curator will spend the night with Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field. | | | Thunderstruck | | | will be our response to this experience, culminating in a traveling group art exhibition and exhibition catalog. Using Lucy Lippard’s book Undermining as a guide for navigating the contemporary artwork in a more critical way, this iconic work of Land Art will serve as both site and inspiration for the production of new works that interrogate land usage, the cultural impact of colonialism on native ancestral land rights, the economic commodification of the art object and the market, and the intersection of the environmental and political within our highly charged climate. Scholars don’t typically investigate the Land Art movement as connected to social interaction, but prioritize individual phenomenological experience. Walter de Maria was infamously controlling about the interpretation of his artwork, carefully restricting the means of access and emphasizing that “isolation is the essence of land art.” As a group of artists and writers, we are interested in exploring how the experience of the piece might be altered and expanded as a group encounter. How might a collective approach to land use steer engagement from Romanticism to critical engagement? Along with Lucy Lippard, we are interested in re-contextualizing Land Art to investigate the critical ripple effects of the work of the 1970s for contemporary social awareness and artistic practice.

| | | Thunderstruck | | | currently has exhibitions confirmed for Portland, OR in May 2019 and Brooklyn, NY in July 2019.

Be sure to check back regularly as this project develops.


Mass in blue and orange will be included in the Abstract Mind 2018 exhibition at the Czong Institue for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum in Korea during February and March. 


I will be offering a workshop on making "glitch" art at the Society for Photographic Education's Illuminate & Provoke: SPE-NW 2017 held at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. 

Waves in Full Color #2) curated into Manifest Gallery's International Drawing Annual (INDA) publication to be printed and distributed in summer 2018.


Solo show at Eastern Oregon University's Nightingale Gallery

Portland artist’s exhibition marks opening of Nightingale Gallery’s 2017 season

Sept. 19, 2017 La Grande, Ore. − Bursts and waves of bright color will fill Eastern Oregon University’s Nightingale Gallery this fall, as it hosts John Whitten’s “Stochastic Resonance” exhibition.

The exhibition opens with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 29 in the gallery, and runs through Nov. 3. Whitten will return to campus Nov. 1 to present a public talk about his work at 6 p.m. in Badgely Hall’s Huber Auditorium.

Read full article at the link below.

Stochastic Resonance - A solo exhibition by John Whitten

AUGUST 2017:

New drawings exhibited in “Totality,” a cosmos-themed art exhibit.

“Totality,” a cosmos-themed art exhibit saluting the rare total solar eclipse occurring in August, will run Aug. 14 through Sept. 28 in Oregon State University’s Fairbanks Gallery, 220 S.W. 26th St., Corvallis.

 “Totality” brings together a group of artists who make work about people’s relationship with the Cosmos in some manner. The emphasis is on lyrical, conceptual, scientific, fantasy and historic responses to the universe or to humankind’s space exploration.

Selected artists and their artworks include photographer Eric William Carroll’s project “Standard Stars,” which documents the deterioration of emulsion peeling off astronomical glass plate negatives. Artist Penelope Umbrico samples images of the most-photographed subject matter - sunsets - in her single-channel video “Sun/Screen.” Corvallis-based astrophotographer Tom Carrico exhibits his photographs of nebulae, which are clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium and plasma in space and can be challenging to photograph.

The exhibition was curated by Julia Bradshaw, assistant professor of photography and new media at OSU. Bradshaw also has assembled a host of arts-related special events for visitors coming to Corvallis and the OSU campus during the weekend prior to the eclipse, which will occur Aug. 21.

“I relish the range of imaginative and fact-based artistic responses to the Cosmos,” Bradshaw said of the exhibit. “Making and viewing artwork that explores philosophies of space puts us in touch with our humanity in ways that are particularly thought-provoking.”

Link to "Totality" announcement on Oregon State University's site here.

Oregon State University is using my drawing for their marketing materials, exhibition posters and gallery signage.